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David Schatsky is a senior manager at Deloitte LLP. He analyzes emerging technology and business trends, including the growing impact of cognitive technologies, for the firm's leaders and its clients.

He is coauthor of "Demystifying artificial intelligence: What business leaders need to know about cognitive technologies," (Deloitte University Press: November 2014) and numerous other works on the topic of cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence. He is also the author of Signals for Strategists: Sensing Emerging Trends in Business and Technology (Rosetta Books: February 2015).

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Mar 14th 2016

Aimed at a general business audience, this course demystifies artificial intelligence, provides an overview of a wide range of cognitive technologies, and offers a framework to help you understand their business implications. Some experts have called artificial intelligence "more important than anything since the industrial revolution."[i] That makes this course essential for professionals working in business, operations, strategy, IT, and other disciplines. Throughout the course, participants will build a knowledge base on cognitive technologies to equip them to engage in discussions with colleagues, customers, and suppliers and help them shape cognitive technology strategy in their organization.

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