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David Kampmann is the Instructional Facilitator at Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. David works with 80+ full-time faculty and 30+ adjunct faculty to improve their courses, curriculum, and programs. Often this is through the use of technology. While at Southeast Tech, David has worked with the creation of numerous online programs, and the transition of traditional programs and classes to online or hybrid formats. David has supported both TAACCCT Level 1 and 3 grants in their implementation. David teaches Social Media Marketing, Computer Applications, and multiple graduate level faculty development courses. David has taught a variety of course formats, including traditional, hybrid, and online. David's previous teaching experience is in high school social studies in rural Nebraska schools. David holds a Master of Education in Integrating Technology from Walden University and a B.S. from University of Nebraska in Secondary Education.

More info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrkampmann

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Jan 12th 2015

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