Craig Martin




Craig’s career spans more than 20 years in consulting, business innovation and development, ranging from large-scale projects within global consultancies to launching and designing new businesses that have grown and been acquired. As a business owner and architect he has a keen understanding of business challenges and the challenges faced by the architecture discipline to delivering against these.

Craig has been a strong advocate of finding differentiation in business through identifying new mixes of customer experience, product and service offerings as well as business capability. He believes, in today’s business landscape, those companies that do not mix and optimise how they assemble their capabilities will struggle to compete. This means having an understanding of the building blocks of the organisation, and finding new and innovative ways to assemble and mix these to create new and more effective value streams.

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Aug 7th 2017

Delve into Enterprise Architecture & gain an understanding of the tools & techniques for the design of business. Businesses today are fast moving and in a constant cycle of change and adaptation. One of the key disciplines to support you in this change journey is the discipline of "architecting" a business.

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