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Claire has been a registered nurse since 1994, working her way through the health care system and into education, initially within the clinical setting as a practice development nurse and then moving into higher education, specializing in vocational education for the unregistered workforce. She has extensive experience in the development of new curricula for this group of staff and mapping of vocational programmes into higher education.

Claire has been working as a business development manager for the past three years in the faculty of health and social care. The role involves the development of enterprise and enterprising academics, including bespoke provision of education and training, income generating projects, knowledge transfer schemes, and co-ordination/management of a variety of contracts. She leads on the promotion of the faculty's CPPD portfolio across London, and the development of an online CPPD website, including online application, the only such site in London for health care education providers. She liaises with senior managers within the NHS on contract matters for education, managing customer relationships, and ensuring stakeholder needs are met. The role is challenging, exciting, and demanding!

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Jan 9th 2017

This course is aimed at health care workers in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK who need to understand how to recognise and intervene with a patient whose physical condition deteriorates. There is an expectation that course participants will have an understanding of how health and social care is delivered in the UK, and a reasonable knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the various workers found in NHS and social care settings.

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