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Chris Spetzler, Executive Director of the Decision Education Foundation, is passionate about bringing decision skills to young people. He has lead workshops with teachers and administrators through the Stanford Center for Professional Development and taught decision skills to youth across the United States and internationally. In addition to teaching and developing decision skills programs, Chris supports educators and organizations in realizing and evaluating the benefits of decision education. Chris completed a Masters at the Stanford Graduate School of Education and an MBA in International Management at Thunderbird. Prior to joining DEF, Chris was a consultant and project manager in the pharmaceutical industry, where he applied decision analytics at Pharsight and Johnson & Johnson.

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Jan 9th 2017

Have you ever faced a decision you really struggled over, but just couldn’t find your way? Imagine you had been given a set of tools, so you were confident of making the best choice you could make. This course provides a path to developing those decision skills and improving your life.

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