Chen Zhong

Chen Zhong is a PhD candidate at the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) in Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich. She holds a master degree of Engineering in GIS from LIESMARS and a bachelor degree in spatial information and digital technology at Wuhan University, China. Her research interests are spatial analysis, spatial data mining, spatiotemporal visualization, and impact assessment for land use and transportation planning. Her PhD study is mainly about detecting changing mobility patterns, activity patterns, and urban spatial structures from smart card data.

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Future Cities (edX)

Apr 1st 2016
Future Cities (edX)
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Understand a city’s people, components, functions, scales and dynamics, as precondition for its sustainable design and management. Understanding a city as a whole, its people, components, functions, scales and dynamics, is crucial for the appropriate design and management of the urban system. While the development of cities in different [...]
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