Charles Gadalla




Charles Gadalla leads the Solution Management for advanced analytics, including SAP Predictive Analysis and SAP InfiniteInsight. Previously he was the director of the Microsoft ecosystem for SAP BusinessObjects, specializing in SharePoint integration and developing partnerships with the Microsoft technical teams for mutual collaboration. He is responsible for SharePoint, CVOM, Live Office, Google, Google Maps, BI for Duet, and Microsoft technologies.

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Jun 23rd 2015

Big Data is an extraordinary knowledge revolution that is sweeping through business, academia, government, healthcare, and everyday life. It enables us to provide a healthier life for our children, ensure safety and independence for older people, conserve precious resources like water and energy, and peer into our own individual, genetic makeup. The term “Big Data” describes the accumulation and analysis of vast amounts of information. But Big Data is much more than big data. It’s also the ability to extract meaning: to sort through masses of numbers and find the hidden patterns and unexpected correlations.
You’ll learn from use cases what it takes to extract that value from Big Data, and...

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