Cesar Ortega-Sanchez

Associate Professor Cesar Ortega-Sanchez is a Computer Systems Engineer from the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico. He obtained the degree of Master of Science in Digital Systems from Brunel University and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Electronics from the University of York, both in the UK.
He joined Curtin University in 2005 as Senior Lecturer of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department where he taught courses in digital design and embedded systems. More recently he has taken leading roles in teaching and learning at Department and Faculty levels. He is currently Academic Lead of the Engineering Foundation Year, the common first year of engineering serving 700+ student engineers. He has supervised over 100 undergraduate and postgraduate theses and has published over 60 papers on Electronics and Engineering Education. His research interests are in embedded systems, bio-inspired architectures, intelligent systems, assessment and curriculum design. In 2015 he won a citation from the Australian Office of Learning and Teaching for his outstanding work facilitating activities to improve students’ employability skills.

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