Casey O'Donnell




Casey O'Donnell is an Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University. He works with the Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) lab and teaches courses on game design and development. His research examines the creative collaborative work of videogame design and development. His first book, "Developer's Dilemma" was published by MIT Press in 2014.

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Aug 21st 2017

You have a great idea for a game. Turning that idea into a reality isn't just about knowing the tools. In this course you will practice moving from game concept through design documentation, prototyping and testing. Numerous elements go into the overall process of game design. These range from topics such as idea generation, story, character, and game world development, game mechanics and level design, and user experience design. You will explore the process for designing meaningful experiences for your players.

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Aug 14th 2017

As well as a form of art and entertainment, games are about business. Whether you want to work at a game studio, start your own business or make games as a hobby, recognizing the dynamic landscape of the videogame industry is critical to finding your place. This course will introduce you to game production, project management, teamwork skills, and how to position your game ideas and yourself in the broader marketplace.

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