Carola Neugebauer

Carola Neugebauer studied Landscape Architecture in Germany and France and holds a PhD in urban design. She was researcher at the Leibniz-Institute of Ecological and Regional Development and at the Leibniz-Institute for Regional Geography, before she became Associate professor at RWTH University Aachen leading the independent department “Preserving Cultural Heritage”. Her research and teaching activities has been focused on urban developments in Eurasia with a special emphasis on urban planning practice and theory, (UNESCO world) heritage preservation, housing and spatial identities. She has been successful in working and leading interdisciplinary and international research projects and teaching cooperation. Her research is published in peer-reviewed journals and books.

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Cultural Heritage in Transformation (edX)

Sep 27th 2021
Cultural Heritage in Transformation (edX)
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Learn how to define, explore, conserve, utilize and manage cultural heritage. In recent decades the sustainable conservation of cultural heritage has become a crucial global challenge. In this context, the trend towards largescale urbanization raises questions as to how new development can take place which respects and maintains the [...]
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