Carmen Tong

Dr. Carmen Tong is a sociologist who specialises in the sociology of education, gender studies and human-animal studies. In the early days of her academic career, she used ethnography to understand Hong Kong student’s ideas about gender, sexual identities, life visions and adaptation tactics in the competitive schooling environment. Her works contributed to better understanding of the life and identity construction of lesbian schoolgirls in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. Carmen is now teaching a number of undergraduate and master level courses at The University of Hong Kong. One of them investigates the importance of gender in our ideals and understanding of body, beauty and fashion. For other courses about media, culture, identity, and education, Carmen persists to include gender as an essential and indispensable issue for critical discussion.

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Doing Gender and Why it Matters (edX)

Understand gendered realities through an in-depth consideration of "sex" and "gender" as cultural, social and legal phenomena impacting society and how they interact with structures of power and violence using an interdisciplinary lens. The course is a comparative, interdisciplinary and cross-sector conversation which encourages reflective thinking about practices of [...]
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