Carmel Bofinger

Carmel Bofinger’s role at MISHC involves on-line education, project work and research in health and safety in the mining and minerals processing industry.
Previously, Carmel was the Group Risk Manager for Downer EDI Mining, Associate Professor at MISHC and Manager of the Safety and Training Centre at the Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station. In these capacities she has provided expert assistance in the areas of health and safety to the mining industry for over twenty years. She has particular expertise in risk management, health and safety management systems, fitness for work and occupational health and hygiene.
Carmel has also extensive experience in providing training and education in OHS in mining in many countries including Mongolia, Zambia, Ethiopia and Madagascar. She has presented to a number of international delegations from various countries including Indonesia and China.

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Health, Safety and Wellness in Mining (edX)

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Health, Safety and Wellness in Mining (edX)
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Welcome to Health, Safety and Wellness in Mining where you will explore key concepts in the management of health, safety and wellness in mining workforces and communities, including the impacts of new technologies and the importance of human factor considerations.
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