Arvin Chiu




Arvin Chiu is a technical specialist on SAP’s Product Support team and has been with SAP for over 8 years.

Arvin supports SAP customers in implementing solutions based on SAP NetWeaver, focusing on installations, migrations, and upgrades.

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Nov 2nd 2015

The course is aimed at anyone interested in learning about SAP NetWeaver system upgrades. After completing this course, you will understand the technical background to SAP NetWeaver upgrades and be familiar with the tools and general steps needed to perform an upgrade from start to finish. You will understand the purpose behind SAP NetWeaver upgrades, how to check for supported platforms, and how to locate guides on SAP Service Marketplace. You will also know how to use the maintenance optimizer and Software Update Manager (SUM) tools and be able to describe the roadmap steps of an upgrade.

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