Arosha K. Bandara




I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Computing at the Open University, UK, having been appointed as a lecturer in October 2006. My research focuses on the addressing the practical problems associated with building and maintaining self-managing (adaptive) systems by combining rigorous formal techniques with concrete implementations and applications of those. My work on the formalization of policy-managed systems resulted in the PonderART framework for policy analysis and refinement. My interest in practical applications of formal techniques includes investigation of the usability of technologies that leverage such formalisms.

Motivated by the increasing use of mobile computing applications, my current research investigates ways in which machine-learning techniques can improve the privacy management capabilities for users of such applications, in projects such as PRiMMA (EPSRC Funded), Adaptive Privacy and Security (ERC Funded) and Adaptive Information Security (QNRF Funded).

I completed my PhD in Sep 2005 under the supervision of Dr. Emil Lupu and Dr. Alessandra Russo at Imperial College London, where I was also a research associate (2001-2006). From 1998-2001 I worked as a Software Engineer for Sapient Corporation having obtained an MEng in Information Systems Engineering from Imperial College London in 1998.

Prior to that I was educated at Royton and Crompton School (Oldham, UK), Dharmaraja College (Kandy, Sri Lanka) and St. Thomas' College (Bandarawela, Sri Lanka)

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