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Annemiek van Boeijen (MSc) works fulltime for the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. In 1990 she graduated at the same faculty with the design of a lightweight racing-wheelchair. After that she was involved as a designer and project leader in a variety of design projects. During the nineties she worked on international design projects for and with universities and companies in developing areas (India, Sril Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Philippines, Tanzania). Since 2000 she is working full time for the faculty, gaining experience in lecturing, coaching, curriculum development, coordination and research. In 2002 she took the initiative to organize a faculty exhibition: Productmagic 2002 ‘the magic of everyday things’. Her interests moved from practice-based design projects, integrating technology, human factors and business, to theory-based design research, using the experiences from design projects. Her research focuses on the role of culture in design processes. The aim is to develop knowledge and design methods & tools that support designers to cope with culture.

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Learn to design meaningful products and services in this challenging design course. Do you want to learn how to design? Using the Delft Design Approach, you will learn how to use a number of key design methods to create meaningful products and services. This course is an introduction to the Delft Design Approach offering a set of signature methods from Delft to teach you how to get from understanding the user in context to defining a meaningful design challenge and – in the end – deliver a great design!

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