Anne-Marie Vuillemenot

Anne-Marie Vuillemenot is professor at the University of Louvain and director of Laboratory for a prospective Anthropology (LAAP). She is also a physiotherapist and osteopath. Her teaching focuses on bodily anthropology and anthropology of space. Her early research focuses on the post-Soviet societies of Central Asia, especially in the daily life of Kazakh nomads, practices and beliefs related to Siberian shamanism and Persian Sufism. In recent years, she has been deploying a comparative study between Central Asia and Ladakh, the oracles and healing practices. In both contexts, the circulation of the beautiful Word, specifically the one addressed to the Invisible, is at the center of her questioning. From this circulation of Word (gestures and words) sh

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Expérimentez un autre regard sur les sociétés humaines avec des chercheurs en anthropologie prospective. Comment les humains s’organisent-ils en sociétés ? Qu’appelle-t-on « familles » et comment se constituent-elles ? Quel regard et quels types d’analyse l’anthropologie propose-t-elle sur les systèmes de parenté, symboliques, politiques, religieux [...]
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