Aaron Sell




Dr Aaron Sell lectures in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University doing research on anger and aggression from an evolutionary perspective. He received his PhD in evolutionary psychology from the prestigious Center for Evolutionary Psychology at UC Santa Barbara.

Aaron’s research relates models of animal aggression to human anger. By doing this he is able to identify variables that predict aggression and anger in humans, and study how they differ between man and woman. His research has been widely covered in the press, and he teaches several popular courses at Griffith.

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Aug 7th 2017

Learn to understand criminal behaviour by looking at our evolutionary history and animal behaviour in general. Criminologists, like scientists generally, agree that life resulted from a process of natural selection. But most do not use that information when studying what crime is and why it exists. In this subject, you will learn the process of natural selection and how it can be used to make sense of criminal behaviour. We will use the theory of evolution to make sense of a broad range of crimes including several types of homicide, child abuse and neglect, spousal assault and group level aggression such as warfare, hooliganism, rioting, and gang fights.

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