NYU Steinhardt

At NYU Steinhardt we believe that the successful professional is one who sees connections between communities and cultures. Education is an instrument for change and the means for a better quality of life for people throughout the world.
Our mission is to advance knowledge, creativity, and innovation at the crossroads of human learning, culture, development and well-being.
We create synergies and connect our fields of study to create new research, scholarship, models for change, and works of art. In research, scholarship, and artistic creation, our faculty work to connect theory and practice, to build communities beyond the classrooms, and nurture the human spirit.
The breadth of professional programs we offer is unusual. The innovation and sense of involvement our community offers is truly unique.
More info: http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/

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Play With Your Music (P2PU)

May 16th 2014
Play With Your Music (P2PU)
Free Course
"Play With Your Music" is a free, 6-week online course where you'll make 3-5 songs of your very own, using the newest tools on the web. You'll learn the in's and out's of audio production, while working with music you already know and love. Anyone with an interest in [...]
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