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Introduction to Quantum Optics (Coursera)

Learn how light works at the most fundamental level: photon by photon, interacting with one atom at a time!
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Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy (Coursera)

Learn how to apply mathematical methods to philosophical problems and questions.
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Circadian Clocks: How Rhythms Structure Life (Coursera)

This course is geared towards starting undergraduate students. A solid background in biology will be helpful but not absolutely essential. The material will be of interest to those who are pursuing a career in any of the life sciences as well as anyone who has run up against their [...]
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Programmed cell death (Coursera)

Billions of cells in the body die every day. How and why do these cells die? If you want to know the answers to these questions and if you also would like to know how scientists figured them out, this course might interest you.
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