ESSCA School of Management

ESSCA equips students and managers for a successful and sustainable career while taking fully into account the human and social dimensions of a globalized world.
This is achieved through high level academic and professional management programs, developed by research-active faculty, a strong student mentoring system and respect for the traditional humanist values on which the school was founded.
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Creative Box - English (Canvas net)

Innovation is a major part of business success. But what is innovation and how do you innovate? Can anyone do it, in business or in everyday life? We think the answer to that question is yes, and we want to help you discover how by sharing a simple process [...]
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Creative Box - French (Canvas net)

L’innovation est une dimension majeure de la réussite des entreprises. Mais qu’est-ce qu’innover et comment innove-t-on ? Tout le monde en est-il capable, dans une entreprise ou dans la vie de tous les jours ? Nous pensons que oui et c’est ce que nous voulons vous faire découvrir en [...]
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