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Dec 15th 2016

Learn how to use current open source tools such as Node.js , Boostrap, Font Awesome and the NPM to improve your web development proficiency. Have you heard about Node.js, the Node Package Manager or Bower? Perhaps you’ve wanted to dive into some open source tooling for your Web development projects. This computer science course focuses on some of the current open source tools and technologies available today for Web developers. In the five modules of this course, you will learn how to use Node.js and the NPM along with other tools like Chalk, Angular, Bootstrap and Font Awesome.

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Jun 30th 2016

Learn the essential components of Angular 2 and the skills necessary to develop a complete web application using the platform. This computer science course introduces the new Angular 2 web framework as a method of building web applications. You will learn about the history of the platform to better understand how and why Angular 2 exists.

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