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Cyberthreats by Malware (openHPI)

In this course we will discuss a huge problem on the Internet: The spread of malware. The number of cyber attacks has increased again in 2020. New forms of malware have evolved, even more disruptive and more damaging. We will cover different types of malware, such as, viruses, worms, [...]
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Phishing Attacks (Totem)

Think before you click. Phishing happens to everyone, but most people only become aware of it once they have become a victim of an attack. Protecting yourself from phishing attacks starts with identifying an email or message as an attack before you click on the link or download the [...]
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Tatort Internet - Angriffsvektoren und Schutzmaßnahmen (OpenHPI)

Hackern gelingt es immer wieder, Passwörter zu stehlen, auf sensible Firmen- und Userdaten zuzugreifen und somit schlimmstenfalls ganze Unternehmen lahmzulegen. So vielfältig die Möglichkeiten sind, die das Internet seinen Nutzern bietet, so vielfältig sind auch die Angriffspunkte und potenziellen Gefahren, die vom Internet ausgehen und vielen Menschen noch nicht [...]
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Internet Security for Beginners (openHPI)

Hackers manage again and again to steal passwords, to access sensitive enterprise and user data, and, in the worst case scenario, to even paralyze entire companies. The Internet offers various possibilities to its users, but, at the same time, it harbors dangers and vulnerable points of attack, which many [...]
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Malicious Software and its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story (Coursera)

Learn about traditional and mobile malware, the security threats they represent, state-of-the-art analysis and detection techniques, and the underground ecosystem that drives such a profitable but illegal business.
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Rootkits: What they are, and how to find them (OST)

This class discusses stealth malware techniques used on Windows. Rootkits are a type of stealth malware that try to hide their presence, and this class shows the data structures they manipulate to achieve this.
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Introduction To Reverse Engineering Software (OST)

A class on general reverse engineering methodology, applicable to malicious and non-malicious programs. Heavily focuses on the use of IDA Pro for aiding reverse engineering.
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