Linear Programming

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Approximation Algorithms Part II (Coursera)

This is the continuation of Approximation algorithms, Part 1. Here you will learn linear programming duality applied to the design of some approximation algorithms, and semidefinite programming applied to Maxcut. By taking the two parts of this course, you will be exposed to a range of problems at the [...]
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Approximation Algorithms Part I (Coursera)

How efficiently can you pack objects into a minimum number of boxes? How well can you cluster nodes so as to cheaply separate a network into components around a few centers? These are examples of NP-hard combinatorial optimization problems. It is most likely impossible to solve such problems efficiently, [...]
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Operations Research: an Active Learning Approach (edX)

Learn the methodology and some prominent techniques of Operations Research to make informed decisions for solving your operational problems without the need of advanced mathematics. Operations management deals with operational planning and control issues, and is needed in all sectors of the society. One of the challenges to operations [...]
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Optimization Methods for Business Analytics (edX)

Sep 6th 2016
Optimization Methods for Business Analytics (edX)
Free Course
Learn how to use optimization methodologies and modeling approaches to effectively analyze data. Optimization is the search for the best and most effective solution. In this mathematics course, we will examine optimization through a Business Analytics lens. You will be introduced to the to the theory, algorithms, and applications [...]
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