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How to Get a Job: A Step-by-Step Guide | Learn with Glassdoor (Skillshare)

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How to Get a Job: A Step-by-Step Guide | Learn with Glassdoor (Skillshare)
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Unlock the secrets to a successful job search in the modern, digital age! Join Glassdoor’s Scott Dobroski for a step-by-step guide to your next job hunt. Whether you’re looking to make a big change or just starting to consider your next step, you’ll learn how to manage every aspect [...]

Strengthen Your LinkedIn Network & Brand (Udacity)

Get noticed and connect with anyone. Networking is an essential job search skill. In this course, you'll learn strategies and tactics for effective networking. You'll learn to make personal connections in-person and online. You'll discover how to establish rapport with recruiters, employers, and industry professionals. You'll learn how to [...]

Data Structures & Algorithms in Swift (Udacity)

Confidently take on the tech interview. Technical interviews follow a pattern. If you know the pattern, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition. This course will introduce you to common data structures and algorithms in Swift. You'll review frequently-asked technical interview questions and learn how to structure your [...]

Refresh Your Resume (Udacity)

Stand out and land a technical interview. Your resume is the first step in the job search. Through this course, you will identify the companies you want to work for, and showcase your key achievements to align with their roles. With our proven industry framework, you will build a [...]