Introduction to value based business analytics Specialization

This Specialization is part of HSE University Master of Business Analytics degree program. Learn more about the admission into the program here and how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into the program.
This specialization focuses on key finance concepts of value creation vision of any firm, including closely held and family businesses. You will gain understanding of how risk-return criteria changes performance measurement of a company itself and helps to assess different financial instruments in financial markets that might be used for financing to capture growth opportunities. It gives you the tools to address the value creation effects of business decisions in any sector. You’ll also unlock new vision on how different motives behind executive team and board’s decisions can impact corporate performance. We involve experts from large employers, such as PWC, Russian Agricultural Bank, Moscow Exchange, Boston Consulting Group, IBS consulting into delivering particular topics and share their expertise in applying value creation thinking to real life decisions.

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