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Sep 11th 2017

Examine human resources from a modern digital perspective. This course covers all the steps from staff recruitment to retention. During this course you can take a step by step journey into the core Human Resource functions of an organisation, through this you will develop a broad understanding of the key areas such as recruitment, training & development and performance management. The course has a consistent theme being technology and the significant impact it has on the way we manage people today.

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Aug 28th 2017

El curso aborda la organización desde una perspectiva sistémica en donde todos los elementos interactúan para lograr un resultado productivo. Se enfatiza la importancia de habilidades gerenciales para lograr estos propósitos.

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Aug 21st 2017

One way or another, all employees are managed. But approaches to managing employees varying from employee-to-employee, job-to-job, manager-to-manager, organization-to-organization, and country-to-country. This course provides a foundation for developing your own approach to skillfully managing employees by illustrating alternative human resource management (HRM) strategies, introducing the importance of the legal context, and thinking about what motivates employees.

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May 25th 2015

Es importante reconocer que la organización establece mecanismos para crear, mantener y modificar el clima y su cultura organizacional como elementos para contribuir a su gestión y al logro de los objetivos deseados.

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