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The Science of Nutrition (FutureLearn)

Get an introduction to nutritional science. Explore the biology, chemistry and physics of food and how our bodies digest it. Have you ever looked at a food label and wondered what kilocalories really mean? Would you like to know more about fat, protein or carbohydrates, and how our bodies [...]
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FRUTURA Technologies: Quality of Fruits (Tecnologías FRUTURA: Calidad de frutas) (Miríada X)

FRUTURA is a technical course designed for the agri-food industry and to fruit consumers, interested in understanding and acquiring basic knowledge and skills, for the use and consumption of fresh produce, especially fruits. The content of the course includes techniques for assessing the evolution of quality parameters along the [...]
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CHEM181x: Food for Thought (edX)

A course that offers a scientific framework for understanding food and its impact on health and society from past to present. Eating and understanding the nuances of food has become a complicated and often confusing experience. Virtually every day brings news about some “miracle food” that we should be [...]
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