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Modern Monetary Theory: Economics for the 21st Century (edX)

Demystify macroeconomic principles and terminology and discover how Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) provides explanations for some of the world's most troubling financial concerns.
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La sucesión mortis causa transfronteriza: aspectos de derecho internacional privado e implicaciones fiscales. (Miríada X)

Análisis teórico-práctico de la sucesión mortis causa transfronteriza desde el punto de vista de Derecho internacional privado y de Derecho Financiero y Tributario.
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AP® Macroeconomics (edX)

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AP® Macroeconomics (edX)
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Learn key concepts and AP® Macroeconomics material from top AP instructors, including many of the same high school teachers and college faculty who helped design the AP curriculum in partnership with the College Board.
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