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Digitalisation in the Aerospace Industry (Coursera)

The online course Digitalisation in Aerospace aims at making you aware of special production requirements connected with digitalisation. You will learn about the role of robotics and automation in manufacturing and gain a better understanding of differing perspectives on research and manufacturing as well as the points where these [...]

Digitalisation in Space Research (Coursera)

This course provides an overview of the most important digital applications in the field of aerospace research. The course instructors discuss how digitalisation is impacting and changing both satellite-based and manned spaceflight research. One unit is specifically devoted to exploring the use of artificial intelligence in the evaluation of [...]

Digitalisation in Aeronautics (Coursera)

The instructors of the online course "Digitalisation in Aeronautics" present a spectrum of different aviation research and application areas, exploring the impact of digitalisation in this specific field, including the effects of digitalisation in simulating the interaction of aircraft components, in overall aircraft development and related decision-making and in [...]

Digital Fashion Mindset (Coursera)

Digital Fashion Mindset is a collaboration between Parsons School of Design at The New School and The Digital Fashion Group Academy. This course teaches you to recognize the significance of the digital revolution in historical and present-day contexts and how it relates to the fashion industry’s ability to [...]

Mastering Digital Twins (Coursera)

Nov 28th 2022
Mastering Digital Twins (Coursera)
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In this course we will learn about Digital twins fundamentals, how they represent a concept of integration for product related data. The concept of Digital twins is a response to the increasing digitization of product development, production and products themselves.

Smart and Sustainable Cities: New Ways of Digitalization & Governance (edX)

Explore the key governance challenges for smart sustainable city (SSC) initiatives and the approach required. Learn to organize co-creation and to use a roadmap that support planning, implementation, close monitoring and risks mitigation.

Practices of Digital Transformation (Coursera)

The course “Practices of digital transformations”, developed by SPbU together with ETU , contains the necessary materials for digitalization of business processes of an enterprise in the context of modern infocommunication infrastructures. The course contains information on methods and models for assessing the digital maturity of infocommunication infrastructure, cognitive [...]

Digitalization in International Relations (Coursera)

Course participants will gain fundamental knowledge and practical skills regarding how to apply big data analysis, social media methods of analysis, how to build a digital information campaign strategy, how to operate by legal and technical components of global Internet governance in the practice of multilateral negotiations, and how [...]

The Program Manager – Applying Power Skills and Digital Enablers to Create Continual Change (edX)

Learn the practices surrounding the creating of the healthy change culture, explore the power skills future leaders must possess, appreciate how digitalization contributes to program managers’ success, and practice how to balance the human and connected demands for the future of work.

Diseño de proyectos de gobierno digital (edX)

Descubre cómo aplicar buenas prácticas para el diseño de proyectos de gobierno digital y transformar la realidad de tu país. Hoy más que nunca los ciudadanos demandan una Administración Pública ágil y proactiva que les permita hacer sus trámites sin moverse de sus casas – en otras palabras, demandan [...]