Data Processing

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Big Data Analysis Deep Dive (Coursera)

The job market for architects, engineers, and analytics professionals with Big Data expertise continues to increase. The Academy’s Big Data Career path focuses on the fundamental tools and techniques needed to pursue a career in Big Data. This course includes: data processing with python, writing and reading SQL queries, [...]

Network Analysis in Systems Biology (Coursera)

An introduction to data integration and statistical methods used in contemporary Systems Biology, Bioinformatics and Systems Pharmacology research. The course covers methods to process raw data from genome-wide mRNA expression studies (microarrays and RNA-seq) including data normalization, differential expression, clustering, enrichment analysis and network construction. The course contains practical [...]

Serverless Data Processing with Dataflow:Foundations Español (Coursera)

Jun 6th 2022
Serverless Data Processing with Dataflow:Foundations Español (Coursera)
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Este curso corresponde a la 1ª parte de una serie de 3 cursos llamada Serverless Data Processing with Dataflow. Para comenzar, en el primer curso haremos un repaso de qué es Apache Beam y cómo se relaciona con Dataflow. Luego, hablaremos sobre la visión de Apache Beam y los [...]

Serverless Data Processing with Dataflow: Operations en Español (Coursera)

En esta última parte de la serie de cursos de Dataflow, presentaremos los componentes del modelo operativo de Dataflow. Examinaremos las herramientas y técnicas que permiten solucionar problemas y optimizar el rendimiento de las canalizaciones. Luego, revisaremos las prácticas recomendadas de las pruebas, la implementación y la confiabilidad en [...]

Serverless Data Processing with Dataflow: Develop Pipelines (Coursera)

In this second installment of the Dataflow course series, we are going to be diving deeper on developing pipelines using the Beam SDK. We start with a review of Apache Beam concepts. Next, we discuss processing streaming data using windows, watermarks and triggers. We then cover options for sources [...]

Serverless Data Processing with Dataflow: Foundations (Coursera)

This course is part 1 of a 3-course series on Serverless Data Processing with Dataflow. In this first course, we start with a refresher of what Apache Beam is and its relationship with Dataflow. Next, we talk about the Apache Beam vision and the benefits of the Beam Portability [...]

Data Processing with Azure (Coursera)

This Azure training course is designed to equip students with the knowledge need to process, store and analyze data for making informed business decisions. Through this Azure course, the student will understand what big data is along with the importance of big data analytics, which will improve the students [...]

Programming for Everyone : Working with Data (Coursera)

In this 3rd Guided Project in the "Programming for Everyone" series, we will learn how to work with data. We will learn about the dplyr package and how to use it to process data. We will subsequently update the app that we created in the 2nd Guided Project in [...]

Data Processing and Analysis with Excel (edX)

Learn to use Excel to organize and clean data so it can be manipulated and analyzed. In this course, you will learn how to organize your data within the Microsoft Office Excel software tool. Once organized, we will discuss data cleaning. You will learn how to identify outliers and [...]

How Computers Work: Demystifying Computation (FutureLearn)

Explore the fundamentals of computing - computer architecture, binary logic, data processing, circuits, and more. Understand computation, the basis of every computer system. On this course, you’ll gain an understanding of how computers work at a fundamental level.