Conflict Resolution

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Applications of Everyday Leadership (Coursera)

This course covers the following topics: negotiation, feedback and coaching, conflict management, and leading change. The objectives are to learn how to use leadership skills to work more effectively with others, how to use leadership skills to organize others to work more effectively together, and to apply the foundations [...]

Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age (Coursera)

Communication has changed! The traditional rules for speaking and presenting, meeting coordination, influencing people, negotiating and selling ideas no longer apply in a world of skype, messenger, video and teleconference. This course will act as an overview on several concepts each of which could be a course of [...]

Leading Transformative Change in Education (edX)

Develop a comprehensive plan for increasing your personal leadership capacity to effect meaningful change now and into the future. Explore methods and strategies to critique and rethink organisational practices in education; develop staff and student wellbeing; and use coaching to support and lead change in your [...]

The Changing Global Order (Coursera)

How are international power relations changing and how can global peace and stability be maintained? This course familiarizes you with some main theories of international relations, shows how the global order is gradually changing and discusses how selected international and regional organizations contribute to the maintenance of global peace [...]

United Nations and Conflict Resolution (Coursera)

The course examines and explains theory and practice of the United Nations Organizations activities and operations in modern conflicts. Evolution of principles of the UN conflict resolution is analyzed since UN formation till latest UN involvements in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Middle East, UN policies towards conflicts in [...]

Conflict and stress management (Coursera)

This course contains theoretical and practical materials on organisational culture, business communication, the main characteristics and reasons of conflicts in organisations, exit strategies and stress management. The course aims at shaping the complex knowledge on the theory and methodology of organisational conflict management and stress management, forming practical skills [...]

Negotiation Skills and Effective Communication (edX)

It analyzes the “social” perspective of a negotiation and its impact on successful agreements, as well as the risks of ignoring it, or disregarding its applicability. The course integrates the most recent advances in the development of negotiation skills, based on modern life complexities, in a simple and direct [...]

Communicating and Negotiating in a Dynamic Global World (edX)

May 17th 2022
Communicating and Negotiating in a Dynamic Global World (edX)
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Within this course, you will learn how to better understand and master strategies for interpersonal encounters, including conflict resolution, in multicultural environments. You will also learn how to improve your global mindset and negotiation skills. This course uses a dynamic and engaging approach to develop the skills for effective [...]

Effective Communication for Building Relationships (Coursera)

We will discuss self-presentation: how you can create the right impression and fit in at work. We will talk about intercultural communication: cultural values and cultural intelligence, working in an intercultural climate, and working in an intercultural team. Finally, we will speak about interaction with clients: creating a win-win [...]

Expert Communication for Career Success (Coursera)

We will discuss interaction with colleagues: teamwork, collaborative problem solving, and conflict resolution. We will talk about interaction with superiors: building a relationship with your manager, influencing superiors, and becoming a leader. Finally, we will speak about interaction with subordinates: building your own team, leadership and decision making, and [...]