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Corruption (Coursera)

You can't understand the world today if you don't understand corruption. Every day, we see high-level government officials resigning, governments changing, hundreds of thousands of people standing in squares, holding up signs, and often risking their lives to protest the corruption in the world. It's critically important to the [...]
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Subsistence Marketplaces (Coursera)

The foundation for this course lies with unique synergies between pioneering research, teaching, and social initiatives through the Subsistence Marketplaces Initiative. Unique to this approach is a bottom-up understanding of the intersection of poverty and the marketplace. The goals of this course are to help you develop an understanding [...]
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Supply chain management: Be global (Coursera)

Jul 19th 2021
Supply chain management: Be global (Coursera)
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Businesses and their supply chains are facing increasing competition and uncertainty in what is now a truly globalised trade environment. To remain competitive, organisations need to think globally – ensuring supply chains meet customer demands while minimising costs and maximising responsiveness.
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Jul 19th 2021
Course Auditing
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