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Computing for Data Analysis (edX)

A hands-on introduction to basic programming principles and practice relevant to modern data analysis, data mining, and machine learning. The modern data analysis pipeline involves collection, preprocessing, storage, analysis, and interactive visualization of data. In the course, you’ll see how computing and mathematics come together. [...]
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Long-term Financial Management (edX)

Learn what it takes to hold a company’s financial future in your hands, as you learn how financial managers respond to the long-term financial needs of a corporation and the roles of capital markets. Want to be ahead of your competitors? Learn to employ long-term strategic financial management tools [...]
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Structure Standing Still: The Statics of Everyday Objects (Coursera)

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Structure Standing Still: The Statics of Everyday Objects (Coursera)
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The Statics of Everyday Objects is a course about how structures react to forces exerted on them while remaining unmoved.
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