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Apr 17th 2017

Pourquoi les migrants cherchent-ils à rejoindre l’Europe ? Comment voyagent-ils jusqu’ici ? Quelles sont leurs motivations ? Comment s’intègrent-ils dans les pays de résidence ? Rentreront-ils un jour dans leur pays d’origine ? Dans ce MOOC, nous vous proposons de discuter de ces questions ensemble et vous donner les outils pour développer une réflexion critique et autonome autour de ce phénomène controversé qu’est la migration.

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Nov 4th 2016

This course is an introduction to using the Web for artistic creation. It is a "literacy" course designed to introduce you to the various core components that make the web such a powerful platform for art – art that is not only visual, but sonic, physical, interactive, and social.

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Oct 18th 2016

Have you ever wanted to build a new musical instrument that responded to your gestures by making sound? Or create live visuals to accompany a dancer? Or create an interactive art installation that reacts to the movements or actions of an audience? If so, take this course! In this course, students will learn fundamental machine learning techniques that can be used to make sense of human gesture, musical audio, and other real-time data.

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Sep 2nd 2016

Where did graphic design come from, and where will it go next? This fast-paced introduction to graphic design history will change your understanding of everything from fonts and letterforms to posters and brands. Discover how printers revolutionized society when they created open access to information.

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