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Vincent R. Racaniello (born January 2, 1953 in Paterson, New Jersey) is a Higgins Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is one of four virologists who has recently authored Principles of Animal Virology, a respected textbook used by many teaching virology to undergraduate, medical and post-graduate students. As an esteemed member of the scientific community, Racaniello has received several awards including Irma T. Hirschl, Searle Scholars, Eli Lilly and NIH Merit. He has also been a Harvey Society Lecturer at Rockefeller University, the Hilleman Lecturer at the University of Chicago, and University Lecturer at Columbia University. Racaniello has served on the editorial boards of scientific journals, including the Journal of Virology, and is a community editor for the open access journal PLOS Pathogens.

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Jan 9th 2014

Introductory virology course that covers the interplay between viruses and their host organisms, with with the goal of understanding viral diseases and their prevention.

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Aug 1st 2013

Introductory virology course emphasizing the common reactions that must be completed by all viruses for successful reproduction within a host cell.

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