Vesna Teršelič

Vesna Teršelić (1962) was born in Ljubljana, and currently lives in Croatia. She studied at the Faculty of Philosophy and at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Zagreb. She is a co-founder of several environmental, women and peace organizations (Svarun, Green Action, Anti-war Campaign of Croatia, Centre for Women's Studies, Centre for Peace Studies etc).
She has been involved in the organization of public actions and petitions (Peace Gates, Zagreb, 1991), My Voice for the Rule of Law (Trg Bana Jelačića, Zagreb, 2001), and a protest and a petition signing for the removal of the monument to the commander of the Ustasha Black Legion (Slunj, 2001).
Since 2004, she is Director of the Documenta - Centre for Dealing with the Past. She is member of Regional Advisory Council of Coalition for REKOM. She was awarded the Right Livelihood Award (1998), also known as an "Alternative Nobel Prize" and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (1997).

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