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Sarah H. Kagan holds a primary academic appointment as Professor - Clinician Educator and is the Lucy Walker Honorary Term Professor of Gerontological Nursing. Her clinical appointment is as Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania, where she offers advanced nursing consultation to patients, their families, nurses, and physicians on matters of symptom management, psychosocial oncology, geriatric oncology, and interdisciplinary team work. Dr. Kagan's secondary faculty appointment is in the Division of Hematology: Oncology, where her particular consultative focus is on clinical research and care of patients who have head and neck as well as other cancers and are suffering complex, cancer-related wounds and other challenging symptoms.

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May 19th 2014

The world is ageing – people are older and societies are facing hard realities. What are we to make our lives in this time of global ageing? In six weeks, we analyze critical questions about age and ageing around the world.

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