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Prof. Dr. Roman Trötschel is a professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg. His research focuses on psychological processes in negotiations (e.g., group processes, cognitive frames, self-regulation) as well as the impact of the social context on negotiations (e.g., negotiations on commons; collective bargaining with group representatives). An additional focus of his work is the area of conflict intervention (mediation and arbitration).

Prof. Trötschel recently has proposed a theoretical framework and practical approach to negotiations, called Resource-Oriented Negotiations (RON). This framework focuses on the role of interest-relevant resources – defined as tangible and intangible elements in interest-based social conflicts that advance one or more parties’ interests and thus should be considered as important tools to reach sustainable agreements. For instance, in many negotiations on commons, people are challenged to contribute and distribute resources, therefore each individual’s interests are affected by the characteristics of the negotiated resources. From the perspective of the RON framework, resources lie at the heart of social conflicts on divergent interest. Therefore, interest-relevant resources and their characteristics need to be considered both, in research on psychological processes as well as in the practical approach to conflict-resolution through negotiations.

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May 20th 2014

In this course, participants will gain hands-on negotiation skills and work together in teams of five to learn more about the psychological processes of negotiations in the scope of Commons.

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