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René Kleijn graduated in 1990 in chemistry from Leiden University. He then started his work at the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) at Leiden University. Methodological research focused on industrial ecology tools like Substance Flow Analysis (SFA) including Dynamic SFA, Material Flow Accounting (MFA) Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Sustainability Indicators. With regard to case studies research focused on chlorine and chlorinated compounds, agriculture and watermanagement. Currently his main topics of research are the material constraints of (energy) technologies and eco-innovation.

He is employed at CML as an assistent professor, senior researcher and project leader. Together with collegues from Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam he initiatiated the Interuniversity MSc Programme on Industrial Ecology. He is a member of the Steering Committee of ConAccount. Since the founding meeting in January 2000, he has played an active role in the International Society for Industrial Ecology ISIE and has served on the Council of the ISIE from (2003-2006). Furthermore, he has been the MFA/SFA subject editor of the Journal of Industrial Ecology (2001-2007).

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Oct 13th 2014

Population and welfare are growing. Providing the world with metals is becoming a major challenge. Only by closing the loop will metals be available in sufficient quantities, not just now but also in the future: urban mining, the substantial re-use and recycling of metals. In this MOOC we will explore the challenges related to metals supply, both scarcity and environmental impacts, and the conditions and consequences of a circular economy for metals, based on the reports of UNEP's International Resource Panel.

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