Raisa Cole




Raisa works for the World Food Programme as a Policy Assistant for the African Risk Capacity, A Specialized Agency of the African Union. She previously worked for the Development Action Group (a land rights and housing NGO in Cape Town) , AFRICA Analysis (a political and information analysis firm) and for the African Institute for Community Driven Development in sustainable livelihoods development.

She has a keen interest in the International Political Economy and the evolution of the city space. She will be doing her master's degree in September 2013 in International Cooperation and Urban Planning, a joint programme between the University of Darmstadt, Germany and the University of Catalunya, Spain.

She has a particular interest in urban regeneration and the disconnect between land use and urban regulation.

Further experience includes: research assignments for the Financial Sector Charter Council, the Solidaridad Network and GIZ.

More info: http://za.linkedin.com/pub/raisa-cole/2a/205/370

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