Pierre-Yves Maurois




- Significant experience in financial services for consulting firms and software vendors. Strong background in Risk management and Front office issues linking business issues with IT business value

- Intervention ranging from strategic review (including regulation) to audit (processes, systems) to proposition of solution and delivery of implementation.

- Sales of complex and large projects from pure advisory to systems implementation in diverse organisations and cultures

- Significant track record in implementation of risk management systems and buy side systems (trading, portfolio management and compliance).

- Project management in several countries in Europe (France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherland, UK)

Clients includes Asset managers (portfolio management, compliance, trading…), Banks especially risk management departments and IT operations and Insurance companies for regulatory issues (Solvency II) and links with asset management

Expertise includes the ability to analyse strategic and regulatory issues in line with business constraints then to propose and deliver solutions encompassing business, IT systems and processes.

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Feb 15th 2016

Éclairages théoriques et pratiques sur les fondamentaux de la gestion des risques financiers.

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