Peter Jespersen




Peter Jespersen is an associate professor at the School of Continuing Education at VIA University College, Denmark. He has a master of law, and an associate degree in psychology and HR. His special field is leadership and organization.

For the past 15 years, Peter has worked with leadership training and education, and in addition to lecturing, he does process consulting in organizations. Concerning CSR, his field of research is the role and importance of the Human Resource Management department in organizations.

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Nov 2nd 2015

The world is changing. The combined effects of globalization, technologization and changing priorities have led to an awareness of the fact that we cannot keep consuming and developing at the expense of the environment, social commitments and our inner values (Ellis, 2010). This course is about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in new market conditions and focuses on business development. It will include some basics about CSR in a business context and will be structured around different classic business disciplines seen from the CSR perspective.

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