Peter Friedlander

Peter Friedlander lived in India from 1977-1982 where he learned Hindi in Varanasi. He then studied at SOAS (London University) and completed his PhD on the life and works of the medieval Hindi poet-saint Ravidas in 1991. He has taught Hindi language, Buddhist Studies and Indian studies for Antioch University abroad (Bodhgaya), La Trobe University (Melbourne), National University of Singapore.
His research interests include Hindi language, pedagogy, Hindi print media, religious traditions in South Asia and Buddhism and society. His recent publications include, “Kabir and the Print Sphere” in Thesis 11, 112 (2), 2012, “Conflict and Peace in Buddhism”, in The Ashgate Research Companion to Religion and Conflict Resolution, Lee Marsden (ed). Ashgate: London, 2012, “Contemporary Buddhism and the challenge of Multiculturalism in India”, in The Reluctant Superpower Amitabh Mattoo (ed). Melbourne University Press: Melbourne, 2012, “Ravidas” in Brill's Encyclopedia of Hinduism Vol. IV, Knut A. Jacobsen et al (eds.), Brill: Leiden, 2012.
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