Pavan Kadandale




Dr. Kadandale hails from the once sleepy city of Bangalore in India. After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Chemistry and Zoology, he then did his Master’s in Biochemistry. He then moved to the United States, and obtained his PhD from Rutgers University in New Jersey. He continued traveling West, and did a post-doc at UC San Diego, and is currently an Asst. Teaching Professor at the Ayala School of Biology at UC Irvine. He has had diverse research interests, and has studied (amongst other things) how DNA is transported into the nucleus of a cell, the molecular basis of fertilization, and the role of autophagy in cellular dynamics. He is currently interested in Biology education, and is trying to figure out how improve the teaching of critical thinking and data analysis skills in the undergraduate curriculum.

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Jun 22nd 2015

FX’s The Strain depicts a city in the chaos of a rapidly spreading disease epidemic, coupled with a devastating cyber-virus attack. This course will explore the real-world science behind virus and parasite biology, cyber security and epidemiological modeling.

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