Paul Ouédraogo

A citizen of Burkina Faso, Paul has many years' experience in working on environmental matters, including forest and wildlife management as well as wetland conservation and sustainable use, both at local level and nationally. He has a successful record of coordinating short courses for African parliamentary capacity building, non-governmental environmental organizations, and field scientists and practitioners. He served for some years in the National Centre for Research (CNRST) of Burkina and at the University of Ouagadougou (ENSK). He also served as Executive Director of Naturama, a national NGO in the late 1990s. Following this he became IUCN Senior Technical Advisor for the Benin Wildlife Centre (CENAGREF). From 2005 to 2007 he served as IUCN's consultant coordinator for a Wildlife Corridor Programme for Ghana’s Northern Savanna Biodiversity Conservation. In 2007, Dr Ouédraogo became a Senior Technical Advisor for the Integrated Management of Critical Ecosystems Project under the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA). With his technical assistance, the Rwandan government developed the legal instruments, technical and institutional tools for Rwandan wetland governance.
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