Nadine Kano




After two decades at Microsoft, laboring like an Alaskan salmon packer during its most vibrant period of growth, Nadine co-founded The Arioso Group, LLC, a communications consulting firm. When she’s not teaching you a thing or two, she uses the experience she has accrued in technical and marketing roles to help both corporations and startups tell their stories.

Nadine pioneered the first international editions of Word for Windows. She then wrote the landmark book Developing International Software, as well as enough articles for publications in Microsoft Systems Journal, Microsoft Developer Network and Multilingual Computing Magazine to make your eyes blur until you see a Matrix code of digital rain. A Princeton graduate with a BSE in Computer Science, she served on the university’s Computer Science Department advisory council for 12 years and augmented her computer science background with an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Nadine and her co-instructors have used juijitsu to separate the many internationalization mistakes they’ve experienced from the many internationalization innovations they’ve contributed to bring you the highly distilled, 100 proof awesomeness embedded within the DNA of every cell of this course.

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Learn how to design and develop software for international use from experts who’ve helped create some of the world’s most successful software.

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Jun 15th 2016

Learn how to code software for a global audience from experts who have created some of the world's most successful software.

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Dec 15th 2015

Learn how to design “world-ready” software from experts who’ve created some of the world’s most successful software.

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