Memo Akten




Memo Akten is an artist from Istanbul, based in London, UK. His work explores the tensions between nature, science, technology, culture, ethics, ritual, tradition and religion. Combining critical and conceptual approaches with investigations into form, movement and sound he creates data dramatizations of natural and anthropogenic processes. His primary tools include studying and working with complex systems, behaviour, algorithms and software; and he works and collaborates across many disciplines spanning video, sound, light, dance, software, online works, large-scale installations and performances. Alongside his practice, he is currently working towards a PhD at Goldsmiths University of London in artificial intelligence and artistic, expressive human-machine interaction. Fascinated by trying to understand the world and human nature, he draws inspiration from fields such as quantum mechanics, astrophysics, molecular & evolutionary biology, abiogenesis, neuroscience, anthropology, sociology and philosophy.

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Jun 6th 2016

Creative Programming for Audiovisual Art aims to enhance student skills and experience in the development of software for the creation and manipulation of sounds and images, both in real and non-real time. The course explores the intersection and similarities between sound and image signal processing through the exploration of combined audiovisual approaches. As such it is suitable for those with a strong interest in creative technologies from either an engineering or creative arts background.

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