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Melissa Halvorson, a Professional Lecturer in the Marist Fashion Program teaches Textiles, Handknitting, Sustainability & Fashion, Writing for Fashion and the course that has become, “the FOLD.” Though devoted to the practice of teaching, Halvorson also pursues her own work and is currently exploring data-embedded knitwear inspired by Edward Tufte’s theories of Information Design.

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May 2nd 2014

A visually rich 4-week primer designed to help you develop a fashion collection from inspiration to final sketches. Built by an accomplished designer and fashion sketch artist, this MOOC will guide users through the entire creative process including: mood boards, detail inspiration, color story, how to translate 3-d development into 2-d, and how to maintain a cohesive point-of-view throughout.

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Apr 18th 2014

Textiles are everywhere, from the apparel you wear to the furniture in your home—this 4-module course will help you understand it from fiber to finishing. The lessons of this course will include: Fibers, Yarns, Woven or Knitted Fabrics, Dyes, Prints and Finishes. Fast-paced and relying heavily on high-quality photographs of real garments, you can immediately apply this knowledge to your daily life or to your work in the fashion industry.

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Apr 4th 2014

This 4-module MOOC provides an introduction to ‘Social-Local-Mobile" marketing concepts. SoLoMo has become a top priority for major brands around the world, due to mass consumer adoption of smartphone and tablet technologies. Topics of this course will include: defining the mobile consumer; key trends in shopper behavior; and new metrics that measure the impact of SoLoMo on the fashion industry.

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Mar 12th 2014

Developed and administered entirely by students, this 12-module free online course will guide participants through the theories of trend movement, the history of street fashion, how to spot and contextualize important trends and finally, creating a digital "portfolio" of street-style observations. A typical module might include a web exploration, an image gallery, a brief reading and guiding questions.

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