Maria Hägglund




Maria is a senior researcher at the Health Informatics Centre at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. She defended her PhD thesis entitled “Sharing is caring - Integrating Health Information Systems to Support Patient-Centred Shared Homecare” at Uppsala University 2009, and it focused on improving homecare of elderly patients through ICT. Her continued research focuses on user centered development of patient centered information and communication systems to support collaboration within health- and social care as well as patient empowerment. Maria is also the director of studies for the Joint Global Masters Programme in Health Informatics at Karolinska Instutet/Stockholm University, and she has extensive experience of teaching and supervising within the programme.

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Oct 17th 2016

An introduction to the eHealth field featuring practical examples. KIeHealthX will introduce students to the field of eHealth and its opportunities and challenges. During the course you will get to know the different concepts that are used in the field and learn how it developed historically. This basic knowledge will help you to understand the opportunities and challenges of the field.

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