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My BS is in Math & Computer Science, and my Ph.D. is in Cognitive and Neural Systems (Boston University, '94).

I think in sound. I directed the development of the FlexEffex and the ASound systems for building and interacting with real-time sound models. In 1999, Mindmaker Inc. acquired our FlexEffex technology, and a subsidiary was opened here in Singapore where I worked as the R&D director for two years. I rejoined the Institute for Infocomm Research in November, 2001 where I worked on applying techniques from the worlds of graphical models (NN's, HMM's etc.) to sound analysis and sound model construction. The ultimate objective is to take sound examples and automatically identify and/or construct sound models - a kind of specialized semantic analysis. Recently my focus has shifted to studying and teaching about the use of sound in the arts.

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Nov 4th 2016

This course is an introduction to using the Web for artistic creation. It is a "literacy" course designed to introduce you to the various core components that make the web such a powerful platform for art – art that is not only visual, but sonic, physical, interactive, and social.

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